Thursday, August 20, 2015

Natalie is 11 Months Old!

Sweet Natalie, you are 11 months old! Again, I'm late, but I managed to update before you turn 1! How on earth are you almost 1 already?? You are so big!
You finally had your 9 month check up (at 10.5 months old). You weighed in at 23 lbs. (94%) and 29.5 in. tall (85%)

You've started eating more fun finger foods like eggs (which you inhale), cheese, french fries, pasta, cut fruit, a little apple juice and milk. We're still working on getting you to drink more, since you take 2-3 sips then let it all dribble out of your mouth. You've gotta drink more because you have gone from 3 to 2 nursings a day now. You are popping out teeth everywhere also. I believe at 10 months you had 2-3 teeth, but now that you're about 11.5 months, you have almost 6-7! I think 2 came in on the same day. No fun :( But you are hanging in there. You still have your little fang smile though. Some more better come through a little quicker before your 1 year pictures! haha

You are very verbal and love to spit, blow raspberries, sing, etc. You have said "night night", "bye bye", and you give the sweetest kisses on command!
You are very inquisitive and Daddy said you'd be a great hockey fan judging by this video..

You've pulled up finally in your crib.

And everywhere else. And learned to climb. And cruise down furniture. 
You also took your first selfie. So proud!
You are just the sweetest little thing, and I can't believe next time I update you will be 1!!!

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