Thursday, July 23, 2015

Natalie is 10 Months Old!

Natalie, you turned 10 months old (2.5 weeks ago!) Yes, I am a slacker. Granted, we were on vacation at the beach, but still. I wasn't able to get your picture in the chair until we got back. I don't think you changed that much in a week though :)

You were especially hard to photograph this time around. You refused to leave your sticker on because it was apparently more fun to taste it than leave it on your shirt. Totally understandable. 
 Sister put it on your head. I can see this face in the future between you girls...
 That's better!

You've started a few things that happened after you turned 10 months old, but I'll include them anyways. The biggest thing-you started crawling!! Yay!! Well, yay for you, not necessarily me. All that means is that my littlest and last baby is growing up, will be turning into a toddler soon, and is ridiculously attracted to all things dangerous including power outlets, stairs, toilets, trashcans, drawers to pinch little fingers, and pulling up to bump your little head. Ok, not my favorite stage but you're pretty stinkin cute doing it.

You started sitting up in your crib and halfway pulling up. This is today when you slept in till 9:45. Very rare. But I loved it. Such a happy baby. (please ignore my dumb baby talk voice)

Aside from being on the move, you started eating eggs, shredded cheese, and drinking a little diluted apple juice. You'll be starting some whole milk soon, just gotta double check with the pediatrician tomorrow at your 9 month check up. Yes, we had to delay your check up because they insisted you wait 3 months and a day since your last shots. Anyways you love to eat. You can put down about 6 containers of baby food and/or yogurt in a day, as well as your puffs/crunchies as well as nursing 4 times a day still. I'm working on getting you down to 3 times a day as far as nursing goes. Completely sad for me but it will be somewhat freeing as well. I'm guessing you're somewhere around 23 lbs. You look like you're slimming down since you're on the move now. That makes me sad too. Notice a trend?? No growing up, stop it!!

 Oh yeah. Wearing sister's old bikini. Umm, sorry baby. You're too fat. But in a good way ;)

You're in 12-18 month clothes, size 4 diapers, no shoes. Who needs shoes anyways? Baby feet are only there for a limited time. You have 2 little bottom teefies and 1 fang tooth to the side coming in up top. Cause ya gotta be different. You and Micah. My vampire babies. You make it look cute though. 
 Eating sister's popsicle...told you you were a vampire...sucking blood popsicles. You can totally get away it. I obviously let you. And so did your sister.

You sleep about 11-12 hours straight at night and nap a couple times a day. Anywhere from 1-3 hours. I haven't paid much attention to your napping pattern so that's my bad. That's what happens when you're the 4th kid. You just kinda go with the flow and get your naps in somehow. Even if it's a 3 hour nap in the carseat between church on Sundays.

You got stuck quite often. You're better now. 
 Oh my scrumptious goodness. Gimme that baby!
You so bootiful.  All ready for church.
 In case you didn't know, your siblings adore you. Especially this guy. He's your baby twin, by the way. Literally the same face.

You were dedicated to the Lord recently and you did great. You only flashed the congregation a few times. It was cute. Seriously though, there are so many friends and family that love you. You are blessed to be in a wonderful church where the love of God is felt everywhere.
 Your youngest big brother had fun making a scene as well.

You are full of personality! People always ask me if you're always that happy. The honest answer is YES. You rarely cry with anybody. You're always smiling or just chillin. Only occasionally do you stick out your sad bottom lip which immediately sucks the soul out of everybody who looks at you. 

I don't have a picture of it because it's so sad, it'd break the internet.

Walked in one day to your room and found your sister making use of her own personal baby doll to dress up. You were a fairy. And you loved it. I pray you two stay close and love each other most of the time.

You can wave byebye and say byebye with an "L." Close enough. You clap on command and somewhat give high fives. You bite my shoulder a lot so we're working on how not to be a teething puppy. Your tongue still hangs out half the time by the way. Again, adorable.

You have a funny little sound you make, especially when eating. I suppose you think you're part puppy, part sheep. You "baa" like a champ. Is there anything you do that's not adorable?? 
Oh, that's right. You poop. Not so adorable. Your poops actually used to be somewhat pleasant and non-stinky and very clean. Not that you're teething, it's pretty gross. Oh well. We still like you :)

You went on your first hike up the mountain. You were very heavy and made me sweat a lot. You weren't a fan of facing in but I didn't have a carrier to let you face out. So you got over it. Then you fell asleep on the way down. 
 (Daddys really gotta work on his selfies before he embarrasses you as a teenager)

You love bathtime and you love your siblings. You love to swim and splash yourself in the water. You loved your first beach trip and even tried to eat the sand. 
 2 words: Michelin baby. You were letting your sunscreen dry.
 Playing in the waves.
 This was the first couple minutes ever at the beach. You were happy. Duh.

 Sweet little stair steps.
 Your first visit to Big Olaf's!! So yummy. You didn't get any though. Sorry. Maybe next time.

 I had to crop and zoom in on you in this one.
So proud.

Anyways, you're so fun and sweet and all that good mushy stuff. You're pretty much the best baby ever. I'm sure I say that every time but you really are. Seriously. You get passed around people you don't even know and you're pretty much the best. Grandmommy says you are the icing on the cake and I'm pretty sure she's right!

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