Friday, June 12, 2015

Natalie is 9 Months Old!

Natalie, you are 9 months old!! 
 You have learned and love to clap!

You just got your first tooth right before you turned 9 months, and we can finally see it now! It's so cute and about time :)

You haven't had your 9 month check up yet but according to our scale at home you are a little over 22 pounds. You're a big girl, in 9 to 12 month clothes and even wear a few 18 month sleepers. Your rolls are still the best!

You nurse 4 times a day and eat baby food and yogurt in between. You drink water out of a sippy cup and do a lot of spitting, all the time. Even when you're not eating! You've started little puffs and Mum-mums and are gradually getting better at that.

You nap about twice a day, usually about 1-2 hours each nap. You sleep from about 8pm to around 7am, give or take a little. I can't complain!

You love to talk, just like your siblings. Another little voice added to all the noise :) You like to babble a lot, saying things like "bah bah bah" and "da da da" and "mama." You like to bob your head too which looks like you could hurt your neck but you're fine and adorable doing it.

You went to the pool for the first time this week. You had a blast and looked adorable in your swimsuit. Your hat stayed on 2 seconds.

 You loved the water. It was super cold at first but you didn't mind. You kicked your feet on the side of the pool, then gradually got used to it while I held you, then you loved being in your baby float!
 Your love your siblings, and they all really love you! You are one sweet, spoiled baby of the family!
 You're still not crawling yet but you somehow scoot and reach on your bottom to get to where you want to go. Then you pull up about halfway. You sometimes fall onto your stomach (in an effort to crawl-only get 1 leg in position) and get fussy because you can't get back up. You still have a hard time rolling onto your back. You can easily roll onto your stomach though. You are just the most easygoing, lazy, baby. You have 3 siblings to bring you what you want, little diva princess ;)
This is fine with me, I love you being a baby. I'm trying to savor your baby-ness as much as possible!
Those rolls and cheeks, still going strong.

I still believe you are part puppy. Tongue always out and a huge smile on your face. People constantly ask me if you're always this happy? YES!

 Apparently big brothers taste good. You help yourself quite often.
 I took this picture just to remember those thighs. Just look at 'em. 
We have a hard time getting you out of the bumbo. I sometimes put pants on you just to make it easier.
You are Landon with Madison's coloring.
Madison and Micah have the same face (close).
You and Landon have the same face.
You and Madison have the same coloring.
Landon and Micah have the same coloring.
So many different combinations that tie all 4 of you together! God is amazing!
You also got to visit the circus for the first time. Happy as usual.
 Waiting for it to start. 4 little munchkins.
 I'm glad you aren't to the age yet where you're scared of clowns. I'm betting on next year.
 You are pretty much the cutest thing ever. Have I ever mentioned it?
Thanks for that. 
We love you so much sweet baby!!

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