Friday, April 10, 2015

Natalie is 7 Months Old!

Natalie, you are 7 months old! You babies seriously get more and more fun each month. You are getting SUCH a little personality. You are a funny baby. You do a little fake cough/laugh with your mouth wide open when you are super happy and playing. You're constantly flailing your arms and you like to give me constant high fives if I have my hand open to you. You are the happiest little thing as long as you're rested and fed. You love to sit on the floor like a big girl, surrounded by your toys and siblings. You love baths and love to splash. You also love to eat baby food about 3 times a day and are doing a great job learning how to drink water out of your sippy cup. You still nurse every 3 hours during the day but I'm thinking we'll be trying to extend that time with more baby food here very soon. You babble very loudly and pretty constantly. Daddy and I thought we heard you say "Mama" one time recently and then today (April 10) it sounded like you said it several times when you wanted me. You are really getting into everything you can reach and we can no longer leave you within reach of anything. You grab everything close by, even making messes if you can. Of course everything goes into your mouth!

You are still such a little Mommy's girl, but mostly when again, you're not rested or fed. If you are, then you're happy and will most likely let other people hold you. If you're starting to get sleepy or hungry, all it takes is for you to look at me and start crying.

You are such a chunk still. You went to your 6 month check up a couple weeks ago and weighed in at 20 and a half lbs. (95%). You were also in the 91st percentile for height. You are in 9 month clothes and even some 12 month stuff (like sleepers). You still don't have any teeth but your hair is looking like it's growing in and becoming longer!

6 month and 6 year check ups
 Oh those legs...

I feel terrible that I don't have any 6 month professional pictures of you, but I hope to take some here at home soon. I guess they will be a little late. You are doing much better at sitting up right now than you were a month ago so it works out.

You're a silly little thing!

 Do you know how hard it is for Mommy to get any housework or laundry done when there's this cute little lump on my bed smiling at me??! You're so irresistible!
 Little twins.

I can't believe you are over halfway to 1. I really wish time would slow down because you're not such a little baby anymore. I know in the next few months you'll start crawling and pulling up and cruising around. I'm not ready! You are still so, so cuddly though and I love getting my snuggles in each moment that I can. I love you so much sweet girl!

 Your first Easter. You looked beautiful in your sweet little dress!
 Happiest baby ever. Just the best.


Kathleen said...

Precious precious precious!

Erin said...

Thank you Kathleen! :)

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