Saturday, March 7, 2015

Natalie is 6 Months Old!

Well, here we are, halfway to one! I have tried to soak up the time and make things slow down, but time is flying by and you are getting so big. You just get cuter and cuter each day and you're so fun to play with.

You are eating a few times a day and loving your baby food. You still nurse every 3 hours or so during the day and at night sleep from 8pm-5:30am, eat, then sleep 3 more hours. Your catnaps during the day are gradually getting longer. You love to take baths, play in your exersaucer, or play with toys on the floor. You can sit up now but still fall over some so I have to put pillows behind you and beside you. 

You love sitting in the bumbo watching me do dishes or cook, or even watching your big brothers and sister. They love you to pieces and give you tons of attention. You are definitely not an attention-starved baby.

You are coming out of 6-9 month clothes and getting more into 9 month ones. I have to go ahead and put you in 12 month sleepers because you kept poking holes in the feet of your 6-9 month sleepers with your big toe! You're in a size 3 diaper and you are quickly approaching 20 lbs. (if you aren't yet). You don't have your checkup for another couple of weeks so we will see then.

You are vocalizing a lot more lately and its adorable. You even woke me up one morning at 5am "singing." You laid in your crib for the longest time just listening to your own voice.

You are such a happy baby and have the biggest smile. Strangers love talking to you and you give them a huge toothless grin. Still no teeth yet!
You are such a joy sweet girl!

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