Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Madison's Birthday and Rainbow Party!

We wanted to make sure Madison had the best birthday ever since it was a few days before her party. We came into her class to be "Mystery Reader" and read the class a book. She was so excited. We also stayed to eat lunch with her. Pretty sure that was the best surprise ever.
She came with tons of little handmade "presents" and cards from her sweet classmates.

We let her decide where she wanted to eat for supper and for dessert. She of course chose Otter's for supper and Yogli Mogli for dessert.

When we got home, we sang to her using the free birthday cookie she got from Barnes and Noble (their little birthday club lets you choose a cookie or Cheesecake Factory cupcake with your coupon they email you-it's where they sell Starbucks).

After that, she opened a present from us and then we surprised her with the movie Brave and some popcorn. Of course, she wore her Merida dress.

She had a great time and got to go on a field trip the next day at school. Then her party was the next day. I had gotten on Pinterest and let her look at birthday party ideas and she chose the Rainbow theme. The main thing she wanted was a rainbow cake. I've never made a layered cake before, much less a 6 layer cake. But I figured I'd try for my girl, since that's what she wanted. I'm always up for trying new things, because you might find you enjoy them or are good at them! I had such a sense of accomplishment when I finally got done at midnight the night before, and even more accomplishment when we cut into it at her party and it looked perfect!

I also made rainbow colored popcorn (which was super sweet so I didn't eat any).

We had skittles, rainbow flowers, rainbow candy cookies, fruit, chips and cheese dip/salsa, and Daddy brought home taquitos at the last minute because we were all starving. It was a ton of fun but we forgot to serve the rainbow ice cream we had bought--oops. We always seem to forget the ice cream! Oh well. I also made rainbow sprinkled cake pops which were time-consuming but yummy.

She also wore her rainbow tutu and shirt that said "Super Fab" in rainbow colors.

Here she is blowing out 6 candles! It gets harder apparently ;)

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