Saturday, March 7, 2015

Changing Things Up A Little (and my new DIY wreath)

I've decided not only to keep family and friends updated on the kids and our big happenings, but also to share some of my passions. I've done this some before and decided I should start again. I've had friends and family ask me about some of the things I've used or created so I figured this would be a good platform to share them.

I did a post a couple years back when Madison was a baby about cloth diapering. This helped a lot of people decide to try it out as well and provided some information about it. I ended up being reimbursed in the form of a lot more cloth diapers by a company that sells them. It was fun for me, helped the company, and helped others learn something new and try with their children. You can find that post here: Cloth Diapering

I'll be sharing new products as well as some I've loved for awhile. I'll also share some DIY crafts if I have a little spare time with these kids ;) I've done a good bit of stuff for our new home as well as some kids' decor.

I posted about my Homemade Laundry Detergent awhile back and through Pinterest I've had over 4,300 hits on that post alone. So I'm excited to share some more stuff with you guys.

Here is one thing I created for our new front door-a burlap wreath. I made it big and fluffy so I used a few rolls of burlap I bought at Hobby Lobby. Bought the wire wreath to slide it through, a white letter "E", door hanger to hang it with, as well as some gray chevron burlap ribbon. Easy! And much cheaper than buying one already made. This was the first time I've ever made a wreath and handled burlap. You have to just kind of guess and you get the hang of it. I attached the E with some white ribbon I had laying around.

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