Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Natalie is 5 Months Old!

Natalie turned 5 months old almost 2 weeks ago. I'm doing my best to keep up with life in general right now. We have the usual church activities a few times a week, kindergarten stuff for Madison, and preschool for both boys. Natalie is just always along for the ride. We also have a housewarming party we are planning for (and trying to decorate and clean and unpack), Madison's birthday coming up, my cousin's bridal shower, and we just celebrated Brad's birthday and Valentine's Day. Blogging hasn't been as much of a priority but I want to make sure I at least keep up with the monthly developments for each kid's first year :)

Natalie, you started rice cereal and baby food a few weeks ago! You are loving it, of course. You did well after making a horrible face to rice cereal and green beans. You love most everything and can really suck down some fruits. You are still doing the tongue thing a little which is super cute, but you are getting the hang of it. You are, of course, a little piggy!

You finally rolled over after turning 5 months old, but it was from your back to your tummy. You couldn't roll back to your back and got pretty mad. You're cute even when you're mad :)

You are almost outgrowing 6 month clothes, and starting some 6-9 and 9 month. You're in a size 3 diaper and are finally pooping several times a week. Thank goodness you stopped blowing out your Sunday best every Sunday! 

You still don't have much hair but your eyes changed over to the color they will stay I think. They are exactly like your sister's and Daddy's. Gorgeous gold, then green, then blue on the outside.

You still sleep great and take a paci to go to sleep sometimes. You're in a little routine during the day of eating, playing, then sleeping-several times a day. You're always very happy when you wake up :)

You are easily entertained and distracted and are so easy and laidback. You get a little fussy/tired in the evenings but that's normal for your age. You are so fun and love to play. Your are starting to grab things and get into stuff within reach. You've knocked Mommy's cup all over the floor before, making a huge mess! You are almost sitting up alone. You still lean and faceplant if we don't catch you or have a pillow down.

You are the most adorable little thing and I love cuddling you all day. You're at such a fun age and I can't wait for the months to come!


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