Monday, January 26, 2015

Natalie is 4 Months Old!

Well here I am again a little bit late! Natalie, you turned 4 months old a few weeks ago. Everyone loved this picture of you. Little ankles crossed like a little lady. With rolls.

You are at such a sweet, adorable phase. You are starting to interact with us more and you are grabbing everything you can reach. You're still working on how to move your arms and hold stuff and it's pretty cute. You smile, laugh, and make plenty of noise at times. I could hold you and snuggle you all day. You're starting to be able to sit on my hip and hang out as I carry you around. You're my little buddy and I love every second of it. If I could freeze you right now I would :) You're very much into your tongue lately and I have to admit it's the cutest thing ever. You have your tongue out in most pictures I take of you.

You're still just as rolly as ever. You still nurse every 3 hours but only poop once a week. You've been pooping every Sunday at church for the past month. I don't bother putting you in nice church clothes anymore because they just get ruined by a week's worth of your poop! Apparently that's completely normal for some babies, but it's new to me since your brothers and sister pooped almost every day. We are going to try and start some rice cereal and foods this week to hopefully get you a little more frequent :)

At your 4 month check up, you weighed in at 18 lbs. 0.5 oz. (96%) and were 25.5 in. long (82%). Your head was also in the 90-something percentile. You're a big squishy little baby and everyone loves your rolls. I still have to clean them out each time you get a bath as well as under your double chin. Enjoy these rolls and being fat while it's cute :)

A big milestone this month-you got your ears pierced! You did so well. You fussed for about 10 seconds but didn't shed a tear. Apparently it wasn't as bad as getting shots. You get pretty mad at those!

And just a few more pictures because I love taking them.

 I forgot to post this last month. You were SO excited for New Year's.
 About to go down to the bus stop to wait on big sister. Mommy's not a fan of the cold.
 Teddy bear kisses!
 There's that tongue again.
 Sweet cheeks! We love you so much.



Kathleen said...

She is so cute!!!! Love those rolls! :)

RETA said...

Very precious!


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