Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Natalie is 1 Month Old!

Natalie, you are now a whole month old! You are becoming more and more alert each day and giving us more eye contact. We've even seen a few little smiles when we talk to you. You smile and sometimes laugh in your sleep too, and its the cutest thing ever. You breathe harder and start flailing when you get excited, and like to look up to see who's holding you. 

You're a chunky little thing who could eat all day if I let you. You still spit up a good bit which makes me think you're eating more than you can hold. You remind me of your big sister in that way. You nurse every 3-4 hours a day unless you're napping, in which you can go longer. At night, you are doing much better. There haven been a couple nights now where you've gone 5-6 hours straight without eating. Mommy actually got sleep from 11pm to 5am last night! You are in the bassinet of your playpen now which I think helps, so you're not so close to me.
You are in Size 1 diapers and are wearing 3 month clothes. You are officially out of everything newborn which kind of makes me sad :(

You have the cutest feet. I've always loved baby feet. Who doesn't?

You are the easiest kid to tote around and always pass out when you're in your carseat. You never fuss in it (which I know may change one day) and can sleep long amounts of time in it. This is good since you spend a lot of time in the car going to get your older siblings from school and preschool-lots of time in the carline! You are the perfect 4th child, so sweet, easy, and beautiful! 
 A successful playdate/great day at kindergarten/sleepy baby=4 sleeping babies=happy mommy

You snuggle the best too :) 

Can't wait for new milestones in the next month! We love our sweet baby Natalie.
(Micah missed out on this one since he was napping)

Madison loves making videos still.

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Kathleen said...

She is a doll Erin!!!

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