Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I have been an absolutely terrible blogger and so I am updating for the first time in almost 8 months or so. We have had LOTS of new stuff happen lately. My last update was about the fact that we are expecting baby #4, so exciting! Well I am now 39 weeks and ready to deliver any day now (would be nice, at least). What's been going on over the last several months:

  • By far the roughest pregnancy for me. I had morning sickness for 6.5 months straight. Threw up around the same time every morning until the 3rd trimester. If you know me, you'd know I'd rather have the flu than throw up a single time. I can't take it. This was pure torture. But finally, around 26 weeks, it subsided. So strange considering I didn't have morning sickness with the other 3. I've also had plenty of back pain, painful swollen varicose veins (which I got with Micah but disappeared after having him), acid reflux, LOTS of peeing every 30 minutes (every 2 hours or so at night) and oh, I was in the ER one time around 10 weeks. Not a fun experience. Apparently when you're pregnant a lot of your joints are all whacked up and I had a finger I've had trouble with before...apparently popping it (cracking my knuckle) wasn't good while pregnant and Synovial fluid leaked out forming a cyst in my hand. Cyst ruptured, created Cellulitis. Entire hand swelled up and turned red and it was the worst pain of my life. Luckily after some IV's, steroids, and antibiotics, they got it under control. Apparently Cellulitis is fatal if not treated. All I could think about was my baby, at just 10 weeks gestation. Glad that nightmare is over.
  • We decided to find out a little early what we are having--it's a GIRL! So excited. We now have 2 and 2 and I am so happy and content with our little family. We have a name but are waiting till she is born to announce. 
  • We were finally able to sell our house. We had tried By Owner for the longest time but finally decided to go with Duffy. Couldn't afford a traditional agent. It sold within 2 weeks. 
  • We are now moved in with my parents. They are too good to us. 
  • We are waiting on our house to be built. It will be a few more months before its completed but we are so excited. Things will be tight but we will finally have enough rooms for the kids, a playroom, a basement, and a nice backyard for them to play in. Along with a few other nice perks we didn't have before. Our old house drove me nuts with no area to take the kids outside. We will also be in the school district we need to be in, plus 5 minutes from school, preschool, and Brad's work. And 10-15 minutes closer to church (vs. 25-30 mins). That will save us a ton of gas considering we make about 4 trips there then back each week (that's 4 hours of driving!)
  • Madison started KINDERGARTEN!!! I miss her dearly because she is my big helper and so sweet and helps me with the boys but I am so happy for her. She is loving it of course and doing great. Brad is able to take her and pick her up every day too since he works right down the road. 
  • The boys started preschool! Landon's 3rd year and Micah's 1st! Landon is having a blast with a lot of his classmates from last year and Micah seems to be doing better. He is still very upset in the mornings but is happy the rest of the day. He's a sympathy cryer too which doesn't help when the other little ones in his class are crying each morning. Since we live with my parents, my mom enjoys taking them to preschool on the mornings they go. I get to sit around and rest or get ready for baby until it's time for me to go pick them up. I've got it pretty nice around here with all this help! (Which will definitely be good when baby girl arrives)
  • Madison lost her first tooth! They say the earlier they get teeth the earlier they lose them. Madison had her first 2 at 4 months old. She's 5 so 1 is already gone. It's kind of bittersweet. I remember her getting her first little bitty teeth. Now it's gone. (I've been way too emotional this pregnancy) But she was sooo excited. It wiggled out one night during Bible stories before bedtime. Tooth fairy paid her a visit of course. Although she of course questioned the reality of the Tooth Fairy. Smart little munchkin.
  • This past Spring Landon played soccer (scored a ton of goals once he finally warmed up to it!) and Madison did ballet. So adorable seeing little girls that age doing ballet. I was so proud of her, seeing her having memorized an entire song to dance to.
  • Micah decided to be the first one in the family to have stitches. He fell one weekday at church when I took the kids to do Easter activities with my MOPS group. Just standing there, fell right onto the edge of a window-apparently it's metal. Right on the floor. He ended up with a deep gash right above his cheekbone and had to get 3 stitches. That perfect little face. I'm still working hard trying to fade the scar. But I think the stitches were more traumatic for him than the actual accident. He had to be wrapped up like a burrito-no fun for a 1 year old!
I'm sure there are more things I've missed so maybe I'll update if I think of them. I'd add pictures but honestly I'm too lazy and too pregnant right now. The boys are napping so I have a quiet house and I want to take advantage :) I will try my best to update more often than every 8 months. I do have a little girl I will be needing to write down monthly updates on :) Can't wait to see her little face and snuggle her!


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