Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Micah is 11 Months Old!

Yes, that means that we are officially counting down until the big 1st birthday! Crazy!

Micah, you turned 11 months old over the weekend. You already seem like such a big boy, and not much of a baby anymore. I still get my cuddles in with you though so that's nice and hopefully will never change! 

You are a super fast crawler, and easily pull up on everything. You are getting into everything which makes my life a little extra crazy. You always go for the most dangerous things you can get into, such as electrical cords, stairs, lamps, outlets, the sharp fireplace, the toilet, etc. You are very smart-you know you shouldn't be getting into that stuff because you always turn around and give me a sly smile as you're doing it.

You aren't walking yet but have taken 1 step. You'll be there soon enough I'm sure! You are the best little dancing baby I've ever seen. Any music comes on and you're bouncing, no matter where you are.

You are down to 2 naps a day, sometimes just 1. You eat baby food 3-4 times a day, sometimes 3 containers at once! You also eat whatever we're eating to practice, and lots of finger foods. You do not seem ready to wean anytime soon but we've cut down to nursing just 3 times a day. You have been so incredibly healthy and I think we owe it to nursing. So many things went around your first year like stomach bugs and colds, and you were great.

You weigh around 22-23 lbs. and are in 12 month, sometimes 12-18 month clothes. We are working on getting you to wear shoes especially since it's getting colder outside but it's a battle-you arch your feet and if we don't get your shoes on, you pull your socks right off. Your left foot is still always dirty from the way you crawl. We have to clean it quite often :)

You are super smart and amaze me everyday. Your brother and sister are smart but you are smart in a different way. You seem to be quiet and think about things more and are very deliberate about what you decide to do. You pretend play with things that I didn't even know you knew what to do with. You point to everything and say some gibberish until we tell you what it is. You then try to say it and do this continually every day. You have pointed to pictures on the walls and said "picture" and said "fish" to fish in a fish tank.

You love your brother and sister and love "wrestling" with them and Daddy. You are always right in the middle of things and seem to be very fearless. Between you and your siblings, I am going to have gray hair and many more wrinkles by the time I'm 30! (I already suffer about 10 mini heart attacks a day trying to watch you.)

I cannot wait to celebrate YOU on your 1st birthday in less than a month now, sweet boy! We love you so much!


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