Sunday, September 22, 2013

Micah is 10 Months Old!

Micah, you turned 10 months old on Thursday! It is so crazy to think that you are only 2 months away from turning 1! It always seems like it was just last week I was pregnant with you!

You have had a CRAZY, BIG, eventful month!! This month you:

  • have mastered crawling
  • mastered pulling up on everything super fast
  • cruise/coast down furniture very fast
  • sit down from standing (you finally learned a little more about gravity, but not 100%)
  • have eaten more finger foods (strawberry yogurt melts and cheddar Lil' Crunchies are your favorite)
  • ate spaghetti, chicken and rice, etc. (big people food!)
  • got 3 more teeth to make 8 total!
  • said "byebye" and waved
  • said "MaMa" and "Dada"
Spaghetti! (Only on bath nights)
You love the stairs. Mommy hates that fact.
 Pulling up on everything. This is my typical view.
 Outside fun. You're wearing shoes!
 I see this pop up pretty often.

You are a busy, busy little boy! You like to do everything at once apparently! You are nursing 4 times a day for about 5-10 minutes max. You eat baby food/finger foods in between. You are doing better with the sippy cup but spit it out half the time. 
You and your brother going at it. You can hold your own pretty much now!
 Doing a little shopping with Daddy. I told everyone to make a sad face and poke out their bottom lip to make Daddy hurry up. Even you copied.

Last time I checked you were at least 22 lbs. if not more. You are pretty tall and we don't have to bend over too much to hold your hands to help you "walk." You are in 12 month clothes and we're working on wearing shoes-you arch your feet when I try to put them on.

You enjoyed walking with Belinda at your brother's birthday party.

You nap about twice a day, varying lengths. You go to bed around 7:30-8 and wake up between 6:30 and 7:30 to nurse. Every once in awhile you go back to sleep after that.

This was the first time you pulled up in your crib. The light was really bright when I came in that morning, sorry for blinding you!
 You are very flexible. I have a few pictures of your sister like this falling asleep too. I didn't want to move you and risk waking you up though.
You love to watch your brother and sister and practically run in place while you're being held. You get so excited and everyone always comments on what a happy kid you are. You are always smiling and laughing when people talk to you. You do great in the nursery as long as you don't see Mommy. If Mommy is working in the nursery in your room, you do fine too, as long as you don't see me leave.

You are already having to learn the word "no." You are getting into stuff that you shouldn't be and you know what it means. In fact, you often shake your head "no" at us-usually when you don't want anymore to eat or if you don't want someone to pick you up.

You are getting so smart. You imitate faces and noises, and you even imitated your sister saying "I'm back!"-it sounded very close! I've seen you start to stack blocks and you even make "vrrrrooom" noises when you push cars! You also grabbed my phone one time and put it up against my ear! 

You even know how to model.
Look out, baby Gap.

I am amazed at how fast you are growing and at how fast these 10 months have gone by. You are so sweet and fun and truly bring us so much joy! We love you, sweet Micah!


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