Thursday, September 19, 2013

Landon...3 Years Old!!!

My dear sweet little are now 3 years old! I think I am still in shock at that. You are our adorable, sweet boy. You are such a loving, fun, hilarious little character. You are also a mischievous, instigating little brother--there were some days that I wasn't sure you would make it to 3! You are ALL boy.Your favorite thing is dirt. You ask me 10 times a day if you can go outside and play in the dirt with your trucks. You love to jump off of high things like couches and wrestle Daddy and be completely silly. I think everyone needs to have a little boy like you-you truly bring such fun and happiness to life and help me remember to just have fun and not worry about things! You talk in a little deep voice and think bodily noises/functions are hilarious. Again, all boy.

You are late to go to bed and early to rise. You are usually the first one up (we're talking 5 or 6 something a lot of days) but you obey and stay quiet in your room until Mommy decides it's time to get up and eat breakfast. You love pancakes every morning for breakfast and could eat them all day long. Your favorite TV show is Team Umizoomi so you watch that while eating pancakes on the couch with your milk, right next to your sister.

You love, love, love Cars. You probably have 25 different things that have Lightning McQueen or Mater on them. You would be happy with a rock as long as it had a picture of Cars on there. You love to take baths, color, play with Bubbles, do play-doh, read books, play on the playground, and swing. You also love to sit in people's laps and cuddle. You are the best at cuddling (this makes Mommy very happy.) You love your brother and sister very much-they are good playmates for you as well as good people to pick on (in your opinion.)

You are extremely athletic. I have not seen you play a sport where you did not excel. You are so excited to be playing soccer next spring and hopefully t-ball when you are old enough. You are skinny but muscular. I think you weigh around 30-31 lbs.-right behind big sis. You are also a smart boy-you don't always "perform" when we ask you things (you get shy) but we can tell how smart you are just by watching you and hearing you speak. We are amazed at some of the things that come out of your mouth! Most of all, you are such a little clown. You say the funniest things and then laugh about them. Daddy and I often talk about all the funny things you said each day after you go to bed.

You had some "terrible 2's" moments this past year but you seem to be doing better. I'm hoping 3 brings a big change, although you are extremely sweet most of the time. I could not ask for a sweeter son. We love you to pieces! The only times you get cranky or instigate things are when you need attention-either hungry or tired. Completely understandable. You are a sweetheart to your friends at church and preschool. You love to play with them and you have quite a few girlfriends. I think we are going to be in trouble come teenage years!

You had a fun party with family and friends and got to play on the playground at church.

You also got a fun little party at preschool on your birthday. You got to eat M&M cookies and your class sang to you-Mommy and Daddy came too. Micah came and played on the floor but Madison was in her class.

For your birthday, you decided you wanted to eat pizza and salad at Stevie B's and play on the BIG playground at preschool so you could swing. You also got to open your present from us and have a cupcake at home.

Landon, our lives were forever changed 3 years ago when you were born. We were so excited to have a boy and you have made life even better than we imagined. I pray for you and your brother and sister each night, that you will come to know Christ personally at a young age. I cannot wait for that day, whenever it may be. I pray that God does amazing things through you and that you shine for Him in all that you do. I pray that you become a servant of Christ and set an example of the love that God has for us, and that you reach many people for Him. I pray you stay focused on the life He has in store for you and stay committed and involved in church-always serving, always growing, always worshiping. I know God has wonderful things planned for your life and I pray we can be the parents God wants us to be to you-with lots of patience, discernment, and love.

We love you so much, Landon. Happy 3rd birthday!!


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