Friday, August 23, 2013

Micah is 9 Months Old!

Micah, you turned 9 months old on Monday! Here you are on Monday-you are so big!

You've had a big month! You officially started crawling last weekend-we call it the Micahbear-crawl. You have 1 knee on the floor and 1 foot on the floor. Pretty cute. You do things your own way. You also officially pulled up to standing today (pulled on the couch). You did it very easily but you still haven't learned the concept of gravity when you let go!

You also have 5 teeth, and another that looks like it could be coming through soon. The 4 middle ones on the bottom, and 1 on the top side. No, not one of the middle ones...again, you do things your own way!

We are trying to get you to eat more table foods rather than so much baby food. You eat like a horse and I'm tired of stage 2 mush! You, however, cannot handle anything more textured than that...You gag on the puffs that melt in your mouth, cheerios, stage 3 foods, etc. You basically gag and spit out anything that is not pureed. I gave you shredded cheese the other day and had to ball it up and shove it inside your cheek in order for you to actually eat it. You did pretty well with pieces of a banana cut up though.

We will get there eventually! You LOVE yogurt though, and we are working on sippy cups still. I think you are doing a little better, but you still have to have Mommy to nurse every 3-4 hours during the day.
This video shows you eating some cheese, but mainly it shows your little personality :)

You still have the same sleep schedule. You sleep from about 8pm to 7-8am. Sometimes you wake up early around 6:30, nurse, then go back to sleep. You take about an half hour to an hour nap in the mornings, then a 2 hour nap (give or take) in late afternoon. 

You are so fun and entertain yourself. You like playing with your brother and sister and are starting to hold your own. I have seen a little temper come out of you if your siblings push it a little too far-you've pushed things out of your face and yelled at them while doing so. I'm glad to see you can hold your own at least! 

Your favorite things to do are eat, play on the floor, watch Bubble Guppies on TV, reading books, and anything to do with water-you love bathtime. In fact I think you've about outgrown your baby bathtub. Mommy was trying to hold on a little too long. Although it uses less water and you don't risk the chance of falling back in the water. Still, you found Mr. Whale.
(this will be a great picture for your wedding slideshow one day)

Now that you can crawl you follow me around. You watched me walk away into the laundry room before and next thing I know, you've left the living room and are with me, trying to get into stuff. You use the walker too and can practically run if you see something you want. You love to "talk" saying "bah bah bah" mostly and do your pterodactyl high-pitch scream pretty often as well. 

Overall you are still an extremely happy baby. The only times you cry are usually when you're tired in the evenings (any time after 5pm) or are off schedule and fall asleep for a nap in the evening. You are a momma's boy still but can be distracted as long as you don't see me.

You had your 9 month check up today. You did great and the Dr. said you were perfect as usual. You are finally slowing down as far as weight goes, and I'm sure the more you are crawling and walking you will even more. You're getting pretty tall, too. Here are your 9 month stats:
Weight: 21 lbs. 12 oz. (69%)
Height: 29 in. (74%)


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