Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Micah is 7 Months Old!

Micah, you are 7 months old today!
You hit 20 lbs. about a week ago. You are quite the little chubbster. You're in mostly 9 month clothes and sometimes even 12 month clothes. You still seem pretty tall and we've had the exersaucer raised to the highest level for awhile now. I'm thinking you've about outgrown it. You would MUCH rather sit on the floor and play with toys for hours. You are awesome at sitting up by yourself but tip back every once in awhile.

I've been trying to teach you to say Mama for awhile now. You've come pretty close before and I hear the "mmm" sound quite often when you're fussing. You are a mama's boy just like your brother was.
You still love watching your brother and sister and look so eager to get down and play with them. You are already much louder than them and can scream at the top of your lungs all day long (playing, of course).
You've started bobbing your head like you're dancing and when you get excited or want to grab something, you have "happy hands." It's the cutest thing. Your entire little body kind of shivers and you open and close your hands over and over. I will have to get it on video soon. For now, I think you were doing it in these pictures.
This has been an exciting month for you-you had your first trip to the beach (Hilton Head), got your first tooth there, started eating some organic vanilla baby yogurt, and you've also started sleeping on your tummy most of the time. You are such a good sleeper and I love just snuggling you in my arms while you sleep. You kids get big too fast for me!

You've gotten more little fuzzy hair this month and you also used the walker for the first time yesterday. I'm not sure how you'll ever get to actually use it by yourself, because your brother and sister took turns pushing you around the house in it all evening.
You are still nursing about 5 times a day and eat baby food 3 times a day. We're still working on a sippy cup with not much luck. You are doing slightly better, but you typically bite/sip and then let it all come out of your mouth. You will get it soon, though!
As long as you are fed and rested, you typically do very well with other people holding you. You're the best if they are walking around with you and/or if it is not too late in the evening when you're getting sleepy for bed. You smile at everyone and are just the happiest, easiest baby ever. Happy 7 months, my sweet boy!

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