Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mother's Day Parties and End of Preschool 2013

The kids had their Mother's Day parties at preschool so I was able to go to those which were fun. I had to run back and forth between their classes while I had Micah in another class in nursery. They were both very sweet and they presented us moms with gifts. We had lunch (so I had lunch twice) and the teachers took pictures.

Madison's class had a little song for us-Oh, How I Love Jesus, then they added their own verse.

Madison and her best friend from preschool-Jaiden

Landon was so cute in his class too. He really liked having Mommy come eat lunch with him.

The next week was the last week of preschool. The kids both had their "picnic and play" which was a ton of fun. They got to eat lunch outside, along with cotton candy and popcorn, etc. They had big jumpy houses and slides, bubbles, shaving cream to rub on tables, games, etc.

We got their end of year little books, which their teachers always work so hard on. They take pictures of our kids throughout the year with all the activities they did, whether it was the petting zoo, a visit from Mother Goose, Pajama Day with s'mores, or various parties. I love looking through all the pictures and captions and it's something the kids can look back on to remember too. Preschool is a lot of fun!

Then it was time to say goodbye to their teachers. This is always the saddest part to me. But luckily we always see them the next year. They both sure did love their teachers and we are so thankful for them. Here they are with them. They each had 2 teachers for their classes.

( Landon had to get in with one of Madison's teachers too)


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