Friday, May 24, 2013

Micah is 6 Months Old!

Micah, you turned 6 months old on Sunday! I can't believe you are halfway to your first birthday!!

You are getting so big so fast. I think you weigh over 19 pounds and you are pretty tall. We don't have your check up until next week but we'll find out then. You're in about 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers-the size your sister potty trained out of! ha. You loooove to eat, eat, eat. You nurse about 5 times a day and eat baby food 3 times a day. We are working on a sippy cup but you haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet. You still have never taken a bottle. You are picky and know what's not real.

You love the sound of your own voice-you can squeal as loud as your brother and sister. You are rolling all over the floor and love to play in your exersaucer. You also love watching tv. You grab everything in sight, even if it's your sister's hair. You have a good grip for sure. You love bathtime and kicking/splashing and you still have your tongue hanging out every once in awhile. You snort and laugh a lot. You are pretty much the happiest baby ever. You sleep great, about 12 hours straight and your naps are starting to get longer. You still nap several times throughout the day.

This is your "Mommy, stop kissing me, I'm watching TV" face.
I leave the room and this is what I return to. Rolling around trying to eat some pillows. 

Oh, these legs. These thighs. Evidence you love your milk.

You love your brother and he loves you (and poking you to see what kind of reaction he'll get from you) I apologize for this but you are going to be one tough cookie. You're almost as big as him.

Hey look, you have a long lost twin. She happens to be your sister (but she's 3.5 years old than you)
You love her to pieces too. She's one of your favorite people in the world. You love watching both your brother and sister and laugh like crazy at them.
We are so in love with you and are excited to see all you are doing lately. It's so much fun playing with you! Happy 6 months, sweet boy!


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