Thursday, May 30, 2013

Madison's First Pedicure

As a late Mother's Day celebration, the girls went out for a little girl time--left all the boys at home. Grandmommy treated everyone to pedicures, dessert at Gabriel's, and then some shopping-sounds like a perfect day to me!

This was Madison's first experience with a pedicure. She giggled off and on the entire time. She got to pick out her nail color (pink, of course) and took turns sitting in Mommy and Grandmommy's lap. It was so nice to relax a little and have someone do your toes. I reminded Brad that this was the first time I had a pedicure in 6 years-the last time was right before our wedding! See, I am a low maintenance wife, dear! ;) I know plenty of people who spend over $100 a month getting their nails done!
The finished product! Pretty pink 4 year old toesies.
Dessert was amazing--this was mine. Madison had a sugar cookie and Grandmommy had pound cake with chocolate fudge on top.
We got some good deals at the consignment shop down the shopping strip and then Maddie pretended to be our hostess. Cutest hostess I've ever seen!


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