Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Micah: Time to Eat!

Micah started "practicing" eating last weekend. Our pediatrician likes for babies to start solids at 4 months, however the AAP says they should only have breastmilk until 6 months. This has changed since having Madison, who started at 4 months. With Landon, I decided to wait until 6 months to start him regularly, but gave him a little here and there before then to get the 3 day allergy rule done with all foods. So we decided to do the same thing with Micah, because the breastmilk is so much more important and healthier for him and it gives him my added immunity (which definitely helps with 2 older siblings). He's a hearty 18 lbs. so he's not missing any meals, but we've gotten rice cereal and peas done with no allergy problems so far. He's not in a schedule yet, we just try a new food every couple of days. Up next is green beans then yellow/orange veggies, then we'll move on to some sweet fruits :)

He did a decent job "eating" but still has the tongue reflex so I wouldn't consider him all that ready yet. He made the usual horrible faces at first but is doing better.

 Not so good with the sippy yet either. We tried :)

The whole sucking on the high chair reminded me too much of Madison doing it at this age...and oh my goodness, they could be twins...

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Liza K said...

Oh wow.... Super cute! He'll get it eventually!

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