Saturday, April 20, 2013

Micah is 5 Months Old!

Micah, yesterday you turned 5 months old! You are the cuddliest, sweetest baby ever. You have your little routine and therefore are a pretty easy baby. You go to bed around 8pm, get up around 8am, eat, play, nap, repeat the rest of the day. Your naps are about an hour long and you are loving that you can play with more things now. You get focused on a toy and attack it with chubby fingers and a slobbery mouth.
You love to talk/make noise, and apparently love the sound of your own voice. You can be just as loud as your brother and sister and as soon as you get mobile you'll be ready to play with them I'm sure. You rolled over from back to tummy for the first time but got stuck and and got angry. You've gotta work on tummy time so you can roll the other way too.
You LOVE your tongue and it's usually sticking out whenever we look at you. 
You also love sucking your toes. Pretty much the cutest thing ever.
You're extremely ticklish and show your excitement with your whole body. Your little toes spread out and are just so darn cute. 
You also have the best rolly thighs and arms. They are impossible to resist.
You are just like a big cuddly teddy bear. Your little nickname right now is Micahbear. You are around 18 pounds and are wearing 6 month to 6-9 month clothes.
You are so much fun and sometimes I can't wait for you to get up to play and cuddle. Neither can your brother and sister, who you adore. We love you so much sweet boy!

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