Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Landon's Bike-Cars, of course!

Landon got his first bike from a dear family from church who no longer needed it. Coincidentally, it was his FAVORITE thing-Cars! The first time he saw it, he just gasped. Pretty much the cutest thing ever.

He was dying to ride it for awhile, but we haven't bought a helmet for him. So in the meantime, sweet big sis let him borrow her princess helmet. He didn't mind!

He did pretty well, so now both of them can ride together. I'm thankful for the weather being warmer now so that we can get outside more.

Madison was excited for him at first but found a roly poly to keep her occupied while she waited to get her helmet back. She was flipping out it's cuteness and squealing at it/talking to it. Typical Madison.

Micah was just happy to be there as usual. He loves being outside and he loves watching his siblings.


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