Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Our big girl turned 4 a couple of weeks ago. I cannot believe that I can officially say I have a 4 year old! That's too crazy. I remember holding her as an itty bitty baby in the hospital, the most petite, precious little girl. It's true when they say the days are long but the years are short-4 years have definitely flown by. And the more kids you have, the quicker the years seem to go.
Madison, you are such a sweet-spirited, compassionate, loving, intelligent, athletic, obedient and honest little girl. I love everything about you. There is not a mean bone in your body and I truly believe the Lord has something very special planned for your life. I've not met many toddlers with such love and compassion you have for others. From the other kids you befriend, to the words you say to love on them-I'm amazed. I'm not talking about how well you share things-you're good at that too, but the way you love people in a more grown up, mature sense. Sure, most of the time you are running around crazy like the wild child you can be, but I see glimpses of your tender personality every once in awhile as well.

You love doing your "workbook" and have even fallen asleep doing it after an hour. You are wonderful in preschool and are one of the advanced ones in your class. During our parent-teacher conference, your teacher said you could teach the class for her. You do your worksheets with ease and finish extremely fast. You lead the class in songs and praying before eating. You love your friends and I have many other parents tell me how much their kids talk about you and love playing with you. You are very polite and attentive in chapel when you are learning about God's Word-other teachers brag on you and say you always know the answers because you are so attentive. I'm proud of you in how you love going to church and memorize your Bible verses-you are already obeying God and that is the most important thing you can do. My prayer is that you come to know Christ at a very early age-you are smart and I can't wait for the day you decide to invite Him into your heart.
You have an incredible sense of humor, much like a teenager. I feel as though you are really 4, going on 14. Every once in awhile I see a bit of a 14 year old attitude, but I think that is from the influence of some friends. You quickly obey and you have an incredible conscious. When you mess up, I can see the guilt in your eyes-sometimes before you do something-you then change your mind and remember the right thing to do (or not to do).

You are such a big help to me. The Lord knew I needed a little girl first to help me with these boys. You are a wonderful mini Mommy to your brothers and take care of them and love on them all the time. You teach them things and help them with tasks. You help me out with household chores as well. You are able to put away your laundry, hang your shirts and dresses on hangers, help me put away dishes, make your bed, brush your teeth, clean, sweep, pick up, etc.
You went to the doctor yesterday for your 4 year check up. It broke my heart to see you tear up and whine when you got your shots-but you were a tough girl and got 5 stickers and 2 bracelets from the doctor. You passed your vision, hearing, iron (finger prick), urine, and physical body tests from the doctor. You were 31.8 lbs. (22%) and 40 in. (55%) tall. The doctor said you were perfect as always and everyone still dies over your beautiful red hair. You're very polite in always saying "thank you."

You are pretty much a perfect angel. You love vegetables and most fruits. You're very obedient. You've never gone through a terrible "twos" or "threes" or anything. Basically, you're a parent's dream come true. You are truly a princess (with an incredible imagination-drama and all) and a very outgoing personality. We love you to pieces and love what a beautiful young lady you are becoming-inside and out.

"Mommy, I love you more. And you love me most. (places her hand over her heart) That siiiiiiings to my heart. Mommy, you're the sweetest girl ever. I love you."

And I LOVE YOU my sweet girl!! Happy 4th birthday!!

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