Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter was a few weeks ago and we started off with Good Friday at church. Our church always has great programs and this year was no different. I loved being able to go to the program (I typically work in the nursery a few times a week.) Madison wasn't feeling good so she sat with me, Daddy, Chelsea, Lito, and Eli (my friend Jill's son). She had a blast and really enjoyed the program. We've been discussing Jesus' death on the cross, how He saves us from our sin and how He rose again-so that we can go to be with Him in Heaven one day if we admit we are sinners, believe God raised Him from the dead, and invite Him into our hearts. I'm very proud of her as she can tell you the entire Easter story by herself. Overall it was a great and fun weekend celebrating our Savior. I'm so thankful for His death and resurrection and for the hope we have in Him.

On Saturday, we had our annual Easter egg hunt at Grandmama and Grandpapa's house. The kids got tons of eggs with way too much candy and had a blast.

Micah couldn't contain his excitement for his first Easter and fell asleep right as the Easter egg hunt began.

Sunday we went to church and I managed to grab a few pictures of the kids and still made it right on time!

Poor Madison was just getting over some sickness-notice the red face/rash. We were thinking Fifth's Disease because she had a fever also. Who knows, but at least it didn't last long. Just for Easter. Figures.

Since Daddy was already at church Madison managed to snap a picture for me-isn't she good? The camera is half her size!
At church, we got my parents to snap a few pictures of the 5 of us. It's rare to get any of all our family.
 Micah decided to get all pitiful on us. I've found that the more kids you have, the less of a chance you will get a perfect picture of everyone. Common sense I guess.
 He's in the stage where sometimes only Mommy's touch can make things better. I'll take it while it lasts-you know, before he stops letting me kiss and hug him in public. I've got what, at least 10 years?

Mrs. Carrie also got a picture of the girls for me at church-I can see many years of Easter pictures of Madison and Audrey.

After church, we came home to have naps. When Daddy got home, they got their Easter baskets. More candy and goodies. Micah even got some good (useful) stuff in his.

We then headed over to Grandmommy and Lito's house to dye Easter eggs.
 Micah's pictures always look the same since he doesn't really do any tricks yet. (well, he's rolled over onto his tummy but couldn't get back over and got mad-that's about it) But for now, this is the typical Micah picture for all our events. He's good at being cute at least.


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