Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Micah is 3 Months Old!

Micah, you turned 3 months old last week!

I can’t believe how big you already seem. You are starting to actually play and verbalize. You have become quite the little chatterbox and love to spit and blow bubbles. You know how to belch like a grown man as well as sneeze like one-“AHHHH-choo!” It is too cute.

You found your hands over the past month. They flew by you one day and this is what you looked like:
You’re also interested in your feet and you are starting to grab toys and hair. You are starting to put everything in your mouth. You love sucking on your lips and hands too. We constantly hear smacking.
You still look like your own little person with a bit of your brother and sister mixed in. Your hair sometimes looks blonde or a little darker, depending on the light, and your eyes are still very blue.
I still think your nose and mouth are like your sisters, but your eyes are more like your brother's. Here are you boys both at 3 months old. Daddy couldn't remember who was who! You're on the right, of course :)
I’m pretty sure you’re around 15-16 pounds and full of rolls everywhere. We have to make a little extra effort to keep you clean! You’re wearing mostly 6 month clothes (a few 3-6 month still fit) and a size 2 diaper.
 You love your baths, just not the cold after them. Once the towel comes off and your clothes aren't on fast enough, you let us know how upset you are.
You pee and poop constantly. You’re still nursing every 2 hours during the day which is driving me nuts but we are working on stretching you to every 3 hours. You have done it successfully several times so hopefully we have turned a corner. I really don’t think you are wasting away like you think!
 You are started to get a little distracted while you eat though. You'd rather smile at Mommy. Several times I've looked down and this is what I saw:
You sleep a good 10-12 hours straight at night and take several naps during the day. You have your little pattern of eat, play, sleep, poop, repeat-all day. You like to be held facing out like your siblings did and you fall right to sleep with your paci and blanket wrapped around you. Your carseat is still your happy place if you get a little too tired and inconsolable.
You LOVE your brother and sister and smile at them and anyone else who talks to you. You have the biggest, sweetest smile and you are the most ticklish baby I’ve ever seen. We cannot dress you or undress you without you laughing until you get the hiccups!
You are the happiest, most content baby as long as people do what you want with you. You are growing so fast and trying to sit up when we lay you down on the boppy. You haven’t rolled over yet and you are not a fan of tummy time. 
I think you would rather just lay around and be fed, and have your brother and sister bring you toys. You’ve got the life for sure! We love you so much, sweet Micah! 


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