Monday, February 18, 2013

Landon's New Cars Bed

We decided to try Landon in a big boy bed again a few weeks ago. He had successfully slept in a toddler bed for a bit before Micah was born, but he was in Madison's room and he is the earliest riser. Therefore, he was waking her up too early so we put him back in his room in his crib, because he slept the longest in his crib. He was able to climb out but didn't do it because we told him not to. We figured it was time to try again though since he is pushing 2 1/2. Plus, we needed the crib for Micah (who's been sleeping in the pack 'n play in Madison's room). We had an extra full bed in storage so we went ahead and put that in his room. We bought him new Cars sheets and a comforter since he is obsessed with Cars. We made sure his room was child-proofed since he is the most destructive/wildest 2 year old ever. We also put a doorknob cover on his door so he couldn't get out.
It was a success the first night and has been ever since. He's only gotten up randomly once since he started sleeping in it. He goes to sleep immediately (most of the time, even for naps) and wakes up around 6 something and plays in his room. He'll play until around 7 or 7:15 which gives me a little time to get up. Some days, however, he sleeps until around 7 which is much better. Cars was a success, he loves it!
Since Landon got new bedding, Madison also got new bedding a few weeks ago as an early birthday gift from Grandmommy and Lito. Of course it had to be Disney princess.

She loves it of course. And Micah wanted in on the fun too, so he thought it was funny to be laying in Mommy and Daddy's bed! Doesn't he look so cozy in his little sleep sack?


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