Monday, January 28, 2013

Micah's 2 Month Check Up

Micah had his 2 month check up last week. It wasn't a very fun visit because first we had to drop off the big kids at preschool and then I took him to his appointment early. We still had to sit and wait in the waiting room for over an hour. There are too many sick kids this time of year, ugh. We finally got back and got him weighed and measured and the doctor checked him out. Near the end Micah decided he was hungry (after all, it had been a few hours since he ate after waiting so long on the doctor!) so he screamed until I fed him. Then it was time for his first shots. The screaming began again of course until I got him in his carseat and we headed to run a few errands before picking up the kids from preschool. He slept a good bit the rest of the day and we had to keep him on Tylenol for his sore little legs. Overall he did great and is back to normal. I think it hurt Mommy more than it hurt him.

Anyways, the doctor said he was perfect. He also said that:
A.) He looks like Mommy
B.) He likes his little baby boobs (we've gotten this comment before)
C.) Breastfeeding must be going really well (well yeah, the kids REFUSES to take a bottle-he knows the real thing)

2 Month Stats:
Weight: 14 lbs. 12.5 oz. (96%)
Length: 23 1/8 in. (51%)
Head: 16 in. (62%)


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Kathleen said...

he looks like hes superman in the last picture!

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