Thursday, December 6, 2012

Micah's Birth Story

I like to write this stuff down just for my sake to remember later, but if you care feel free to read on :)

I was scheduled to be induced on Monday, November 19th, at 41.5 weeks (10 days overdue). I was going to get a call to tell me what time to come in that evening to start Cytotec, and then hopefully start Pitocin Tuesday morning. That was the plan at least.

On Sunday night, both Madison and Landon were up sick. We don't know if it was some quick little stomach bug or what they ate for supper, but both of them were up at various times throwing up. Fun. Of course this would happen the night before I'm supposed to go to the hospital to deliver.

After another incident of one of the kids throwing up at 4:30am, Brad decided to just go on to work since he was up and would just come home early. I didn't want him to go since we were dealing with throw up and we both had weak stomachs (he almost threw up cleaning up, and I was just 41.5 weeks pregnant-self-explanatory). He went on anyways and 7am rolled around and Landon was up again. I had to clean up more, do some more laundry, and decided to throw both kids in the bathtub around 8am because I was just completely grossed out at that point. Luckily they were done throwing up and were better, but as I was leaning over the bathtub washing them, I had a trickle of water breaking like it did with Madison. I think in my mind I was in denial because it just wasn't a convenient time! In fact, I think my text message to Brad said "My water is leaking lol" considering the inconvenient situation.

I finished up their bath and as I was getting them out and dressed my water continued to gradually gush out as I walked around. I finished up, went downstairs and made them breakfast and continued to have to clean up water off the floor. I was tired of cleaning at this point. Brad came home and we couldn't get a hold of my mom (shame!) until a few minutes later. She had been changing at work after her morning walk. I ran and got in the shower and got ready real quick. My Aunt Vicki came over to watch the kids for us and we waited on my return phone call from my OB-GYN. I wasn't having contractions yet but they said to go on to the hospital anyways.

We got to the hospital around 10am if I remember correctly. I had to do my paperwork first then head over to the assessment room where they make sure your water has broken. At this point, it was still coming out in waves, several hours of it. I did not realize there was that much! They checked and confirmed it was amniotic fluid and monitored me, but I still wasn't contracting yet. They sent me on back to a labor room and started the IV, and shortly after some more paperwork they started me on Pitocin. My one goal for this labor was to not have Pitocin so I wouldn't have to get an epidural, but even 10 days late, things were not happening as naturally as I'd liked except for my water breaking. I guess things can't always go your way! The contractions started up and pushed out even MORE water and I labored several hours before giving in to the epidural. I knew with Landon it took way too long for the anesthesiologist to get there, so I asked for it early. I'm glad I did, because it still took some time. It took some time to kick in afterwards as well. By that point my back labor was killing me (which I had with the other 2 also) but soon I felt so much better. I didn't want to be restricted to the bed because that slows things down (another reason I don't like the epidural) but I made some progress, about 1-2 cm an hour.

They had started the Pitocin around 12:30pm and I was about 1cm and around 1:30 I was already at 2.5cm. They had to turn down the Pitocin when Micah's heartbeat was all over the place and gave me oxygen. It leveled out and was fine for awhile, then suddenly again his heartbeat dropped. I had about 6 nurses run in the room and turn off the Pitocin completely and strap the oxygen mask on me again. Brad called my mom back in and I think she about had a heart attack, poor thing. We gave Micah a break for awhile from Pitocin, and Peggy, my midwife put an internal monitor on Micah's head to better track his heartrate. Pitocin was started up again sometime later.

Around 6pm, I was still only around 5cm. It had been such a long day and I was starving to death, I had had a ton of orange popsicles and juice and water. At this point I was getting really impatient and down. Shift change came, and I had to warn the new nurse who came in that in the past, I dilate very quickly after 5cm. I stayed at 5cm for a few hours, even around 8 something I think.

Suddenly around 9pm I was hurting in the same exact spot that I hurt with Landon. The epidural wasn't working and I needed a boost of it since the nurse hadn't checked me again. After I got that, I was still in a lot of pain so I asked her to check and sure enough, I had gone from 5cm to 10cm in 1 hour again. However, Micah's head was still a little bit high, so she sat me up to let gravity help things along. She told me at 9pm that I'd start pushing around 10pm. Of course that about made me cry! Who wants to sit there completely dilated and just wait an hour? Ugh. I am so glad that Peggy came in and checked on me and decided that I'd go ahead and start pushing.

I started pushing at 9:15pm and by 9:25pm he was born. Only 10 minutes of pushing, I didn't mind that! He was so sweet and immediately snuggled up to me. Immediately we all thought he looked like Madison, just with Landon's coloring. Dark blonde hair and blue eyes. The nurses took him and did all their testing and handed him back to me. He nursed like a champ immediately and we got some good skin to skin contact as well. He's been such a little snuggly baby and so easy and happy.

Here's our sweet Micah Alexander Evans, 8 lbs. 8 oz. and 19.5 in. long at just a few seconds old.


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