Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pumpkins and Halloween 2012

We had a fun October welcoming Fall. We weren't able to go to Burt's this year, so we went to our usual backup pumpkin patch at the Methodist church down the road. The kids loved picking out their pumpkins. I put up an album of this on facebook instead of posting all of them on here.

 Later I let them paint and decorate their pumpkins however they wanted to. They were small so we decided against any carving!
 Madison's on the left-small and cute and pink and purple with glitter. Landon's on the right-globbed on his paint like a typical boy. And only had enough patience to cover the top half!
 Later Grandmommy helped us make Princess Halloween cookies. They were yummy.
 Madison had "orange day" at preschool. Although with her hair, she didn't have to actually wear anything orange :)
(ignore my unattended child climbing into the driver's seat)
Then we did our annual trick or treating at Lito's work. We have done this every year since Madison was a baby. It's pretty cool to walk around inside all the dark, decorated halls at his office and get candy.
 Mmmm, Mommy enjoyed the candy the most :)
 Madison was Rapunzel of course and Landon got a hand me down golfer costume. They were definitely a hit with everyone.
 A little party afterwards. Lots of good food and dessert.
 Landon and "Wito"
On Halloween, we enjoyed some yummy Chick-fil-A before we headed out to trick or treat.
 Then our first stop was to (great) Grandmama and Grandpapa's house who live right down the road. It's always fun to surprise them.
Madison insisted on wearing a braid with a purple flower in it just like Rapunzel this time.
 We headed to some friends' house on our way home. We visit them each year too. They are expecting their first, a baby girl around Madison's birthday!
 We got home somewhat late, so we didn't get to do much trick or treating in our neighborhood, but it was enough. The kids were getting cold and it was a preschool night.
 We all had a blast and I thoroughly enjoyed (and still am enjoying) all the candy they got...I might as well enjoy it before I have to lose all this weight! Now that Halloween is over and everything is done and ready, I am ready for Micah to come on. I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow so I'll update with any news then.

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