Friday, November 16, 2012

41 Weeks

Today I am 41 weeks along and had my 41 week check up along with another non-stress test. Everything went well and I even had some irregular contractions during the test. Unfortunately I was still only 1 cm. I had woken up around 6am this morning with some terrible cramps in front and back. I thought for sure that it may be the start of things, but after a bit they stopped.

After my appointment, the midwife went ahead and set me up to be induced the beginning of next week. I'll go in in the evening and start on Cytotec, then in the morning probably start on Pitocin if needed. I am so relieved to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! If nothing happens naturally this weekend, of course I'll be disappointed since I wanted a more natural labor, however, at this point I am just ready to snuggle an itty bitty newborn! The baby fever started awhile back and I am ready!
Not sure I can get any bigger...after eating at the Varsity tonight, a woman looked at me and just said "ouch." After telling her when I was due and her telling me I just stick straight out, all she could say is "bless your heart!" I get a lot of those comments lately! I think my heart has been thoroughly blessed this pregnancy :)

So anyways, I am SUPER excited. Micah will be here very soon and I'm dying to meet him and hold him! His big siblings are so ready too! And Daddy...he's been very impatient, begging me to go into labor and asking me constantly if I am contracting. We will all be rejoicing the moment he finally decides to join us!

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