Thursday, November 15, 2012

40.5 Week Check Up (This Is Getting Ridiculous!)

Tuesday I had my 40.5 week check up (never thought I'd get to twice weekly appointments, ha!) Micah is just plain stubborn...he is resting comfortably inside Mommy and does not want to join his crazy siblings and the cold out here. After the long weekend of contractions and walking and other things that are probably TMI, I went in Tuesday and I was STILL only 1cm. Wow. I've heard with 3rd babies that things don't happen early though, that it comes with labor only. Maybe that's the case, because I was a few more centimeters dilated for weeks before Madison came.

They had to do a non-stress test on me, which basically was just hooking me up to a machine with 2 belts that monitored his movement/heartrate. Every time he moved, I was supposed to push a button so it would record his increase in heartrate (which is what they want). Well, little booger was moving before I went in, but decided he wanted to take a nap during the test. Even when the midwife used the little buzzer on him a few times (I call it a baby taser gun) he did not move. That made me a little nervous, since he's not moving as much as he used to anyways. However, she got him to move a few times by shaking and squeezing my belly. Not exactly comfortable but she got the info. she needed. And of course, after the test on my way home he decided to wake up and move around a ton. Little stinker already.

I go back tomorrow for another non-stress test and check up, and if nothing happens over the weekend I'll be induced around the beginning of next week. So he should definitely be here by Monday I think. I'll be 41.5 weeks at that point which is the longest they'll let me go. My nightmares of being induced again are coming true...please pray he decides to come on his own before the eviction. I know it's in God's hands/timing so that gives me comfort. He will be here in a few days no matter what, and I can finally hold my sweet little baby I've been dying to get my hands on for so long!!

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