Thursday, November 29, 2012

1 Week Old

A week has already come and gone, which I can't believe! Time has flown with Micah and I have to say, he is just the sweetest, most perfect little angel. Such an easy newborn. I've been trying to adjust gradually to taking care of 3 kids 3 and under. Thankfully, both my mom and Brad have been taking turns helping me out and taking off from their work schedules the past almost 2 weeks. I so appreciate it! Brad went back to work for good this week so my mom has been getting here early in the morning to help get the big kids off to preschool then come home and "babysit" Micah while I sleep, shower, or do housework. Tough job! Now I've had all 3 by myself a few times and it really isn't all that bad. The big kids LOVE him and won't leave him alone. They want to hold and kiss him constantly.
I'll update again soon with Micah's birth story (a little busy around here) but we left the hospital 24 hours after he was born. I had a super easy delivery and super easy recovery this time around. I feel almost back to 100%, just have a bunch of weight to lose still. Lost 20, 30 lbs. to go. Hopefully the constant nursing will help me get back down like it did with the others. Micah is eating great. He came out knowing exactly what to do and we never had any trouble.

We had his 1 week check up on Monday and he is doing awesome. His jaundice is gone and he looked great. He was almost 9 pounds which means he put on almost a pound in just 5 days. Apparently I have some rich milk and he likes to eat. He went through a few days of some rough diaper rash though, because he was pooping CONSTANTLY. I guess if you eat that much, you have to poop it out sometime. The dr. gave me some good diaper rash cream and that healed it up nicely. He was waking up every couple of hours to eat for a bit, but the last 2 nights he's been sleeping 3-4 hours, eating, then sleeping another 3-4 hours which is awesome for me! I can manage that. He has a few very alert times a day but then sleeps the rest of the day.
 He smiles a lot, sometimes even when you're talking to him. I'm not sure I believe it when some people say it's just gas in newborns...he smiles on cue and it's just the cutest thing ever. He has a little "Elvis" smile which reminds me of Landon. Some days I think he looks just like Landon at this age, but others he looks just like Madison. I guess we'll see!


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