Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zoo Trip 2012

We had our annual trip to the zoo recently, and it was such a great day. Daddy was able to take off work and we picked a cooler day to go, which was nice for me since I'm always so hot lately. The kids LOVE seeing all the animals. They got to see a baby gorilla, rode the choochoo train, and ride the carousel. They also loved the petting zoo. Madison was obsessed with going to see the snakes, which surprised us since she usually is so scared of them. Landon didn't want to hug the person dressed up as a panda, but after we left kept asking to hug him, which by then was too late. He loved yelling "Hi" and "bye" to all the animals too.
(ignore the black and white striped whale to the left)
Big smiles all day!

Landon is a hugger.
Riding the train. Daddy is crazy.
My sweet little meerkats.
Landon yelling at the giraffes.
I have this same picture from last year-except Landon was in a little onesie with no shoes :)
I think the goat was even smiling for the picture!
This is me eating, right honey?? ;)
My baby birds in the nest.


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