Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's Fall! The Fair and Other Stuff

Fall has finally arrived which I love. It's my favorite time of the year-drinking hot chocolate, going to pumpkin patches, wearing hoodies, leaves changing color, crisp cool air, sweet potato souffle, and going to the fair! Not to mention Micah's arrival very soon :)

We took the kids again this year and were so happy Landon got to ride more than he did last year. They both had a blast and it made us happy just to see them so happy. Obviously I couldn't ride anything, so I went for the food--everything smelled sooo good. Too bad it's so expensive!

Here are the kids riding Nemo again this year.
Madison on the caterpillar roller coaster.
On the bumblebee with another little boy.
Landon loved the choo-choo
Landon chickened out on Madison on this one, so she decided to go solo.
Waiting in line.
They loved the petting zoo. Madison about flipped out over all the cuteness, especially the little baby horsey. Here are the bunnies.

Of course all that hard work having fun meant we had to get a funnel cake. You CAN'T go to the fair without getting a funnel cake. (At least not in the fat pregnant chick's book)
Daddy did his usual breaking of bottles with the baseball. Nailed it on the first try-he's pretty amazing. and wonderful.
He won and Madison picked out a penguin. (She's kissing him for it, not eating him)

A few videos of the fun.

Later that day, we got a visit from Uncle Stephen, Aunt Rachel, and Martel. He is now 7 months old and weighs about 105 pounds. The kids LOVED him.
 Landon tried to ride him like a horse.
 Beginning of Fall means getting the last wear out of our pretty summer dresses for church.
 This child loves to pose and model.
 It also means MOPS has started back up and Mommy gets to go make Pinterest wreaths made of burlap with other moms at church.
 It also means fun baking! The kids made Halloween cookies that were sooo yummy. (The ones that actually made it to the oven-Landon had a hard time resisting the dough-he gets it honest)

I am loving Fall already and we still have lots of fun stuff to do. We also only have about 5 weeks left before Micah arrives and joins in on the fun! We are so blessed.

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