Tuesday, September 4, 2012

30 Weeks

I have not updated much on how my pregnancy is going, but I am a little over 30 weeks along now. Micah is moving and kicking like crazy. Out of all 3 kids, he has been the meanest to my bladder by far! He must think it's a trampoline :) He's a very active little boy and has gotten the hiccups a few times. I've been going to the doctor every 2 weeks and I honestly feel like I live there. I've spent the majority of the last 4 years pregnant, so I kinda do, ha! My last checkup was last Friday and everything is looking great. I've beat my record of weight gain at this point with the other 2 (yikes) having gained 30 pounds already at 30 weeks. It's crazy to me since I'm more active chasing 2 toddlers, but I've also been super hungry constantly this entire pregnancy. I've still got 10 more weeks of weight gain to go, so I'm kinda dreading how I'm going to lose all that weight! However I'm measuring right on schedule at 30 weeks. Other than the constant trips to the bathroom, shortness of breath, and eating, the only other issue I've been having is some bloodflow issues to my legs. It started pretty early on when I did not even have much weight on me. My veins are driving me nuts but the midwife said it should all be better when I give birth. I sure hope so, because it is very painful. This pregnancy has been slightly different than the others for me, so I'm hoping that means labor goes differently for me this time around! I just want to be able to go into labor on my own and see what natural contractions feel like rather than the Pitocin induced ones...I've heard it's a lot less painful.

The kids are both super excited and getting rather impatient for "baby Micah" to come out. They both rub and kiss on my belly saying his name or "baby" (Landon). Madison keeps singing to him to come out and play. I've never seen her so excited about it, but she is also now requesting a baby sister! Whew. One at a time, please!

I've just recently gotten started on getting Micah's clothes and stuff together. Landon is back in Madison's room in a toddler bed at night, but naps in his crib during the day. It's been a gradual process. Micah will be in our room for a bit at the beginning so we are not feeling too rushed. We got Landon's old newborn clothes down from the attic yesterday and they are sooo little and cute! I'll be organizing those and other new baby stuff soon. I think we're also getting close to deciding on a middle name for Micah...if we can agree! :)

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