Saturday, August 18, 2012

Parties, Weddings, and Preschool, Oh My!

Life has been busy as usual. Some good friends of ours got married and Brad and I were both honored to be in the wedding. Madison was also a flower girl along with Audrey. They were too cute. Audrey's mom got a video of them coming down the aisle, but I wasn't able to get anything being up on stage. As Madison threw down the petals, Audrey walked behind to pick them all up.
They enjoyed staying up super late and blowing bubbles
 They got tshirts. "Today I am the flower girl, but every other day I am a princess." She's also wearing mommy's high heels.
 We haven't seen any official wedding pictures yet, but here's a snapshot of me and my mom. I was a giant purple plum in my bridesmaid dress. But I loved the dress :)
The girls also enjoyed going to another sweet friend from church's 4 year old birthday party. They did water games, pools and sprinklers and had a blast.

 So sweet seeing all these girls from church growing up together. They played water balloon "hot potato."
 Landon LOVED being with Audrey's momma. He's such a ladies' man.
 Madison got to throw down and bust her "hot potato" when the music stopped on her.
The kids have had a good summer of fun stuff. Most days we've layed around in our pj's all day just relaxing.
Other days I let them just be kids and go play in the rain. Why not if its not thundering or lightning? They love any possible way of getting wet.
They're getting so big, especially Madison. I can't believe how big she acts and talks and how smart she is. She just looks big in these pictures to me.

Though fun, we've had an eventful summer with its ups and downs. Micah is doing great which is a blessing. However my grandparents have had a tougher time this summer. My grandmother had an atrial flutter and had to have a cardiac ablation but is doing better now. My grandfather bumped his arm, fractured it, and it showed a tumor growing in his bone. He has been diagnosed with Lymphoma and starts chemotherapy soon, hopefully this coming week. The Lord has always been good to us and we trust that He will use all this for His glory. Please just keep him in your prayers.

The kids are also starting preschool soon. We met their teachers this past week and they will be starting next week! I can't believe both my babies will be going. It's still only 2 days a week for a few hours, but it at least gives them some structured learning and playing time (and time alone for mommy!!) I'm super excited. I just might have to do my grocery shopping by myself! I also need to use that time to prepare for Micah. The kids are excited and neither one of them wanted to leave their classrooms when we had meet and greet.

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