Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Micah in 3D!

My parents got us a 3D ultrasound to see Micah's cute little face this past weekend. He was not in a great position and I was worried we wouldn't get a decent view of his face, but finally at the end we got a split second view of his face. He had his hands, feet, AND umbilical cord in front of his face the entire time. It was so sweet seeing his little hands and feet and I couldn't believe how much he looks like Landon, especially when we did his 3d ultrasound. I'm thinking they all will look alike, just have different coloring. This post shows Madison and Landon looking very similar at a certain age. Anyways, here's our little cutie #3 at 28 weeks!

Hand in front of the face--no more pictures Mom!

 I am OBSESSED with baby feet.

Daddy's favorite picture. Verifying for the millionth time that it is definitely a boy.

 The ultrasound tech was impressed with his chubby cheeks. And the fact that he had both a hand and foot in the picture at once, above his face...he's our yoga baby.

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