Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of Preschool 2012!

Today was an exciting day because it was the first day of preschool!! First day ever for Landon, and Madison's second year. She's in 3 year preschool now. She's officially moved to the big kid side where they do the car rider line. They were both so excited this morning which made me happy. This morning they were of course up before me but I was able to get all of us ready real quick and take a few pictures, eat breakfast and head out the door. It helps that it takes us less than 10 minutes to get to school.

Take 1
 Take 7??

I dropped off Landon first, among many screaming children. He walked in right past them and went to go play with a race car track. He glanced up at me waving bye and that was that. I was only able to grab 1 picture of him because it was so crowded with parents, teachers, and screaming kids at the door. Oh well.

Then I walked Madison to her class and she kept saying "I can't wait! I can't wait!" the entire time. One of her teachers met her at the door and Madison grabbed her name magnet, put up her stuff, and picked out her "duty" for the day. 

Then she ran off to do a puzzle at the table with another little girl.
I was able to go grocery shopping alone (gasp!) It was amazing. Not only did I not have to worry about getting 2 kids in and out of carseats and into buggies, but that early in the morning the store was quiet and empty. Amazing. The kids only go for half-days this first week, so I had just a few minutes at home before heading back out to pick them up.

I walked in the door and saw all of Landon's classmates crowded around the gate screaming and crying. All except one..Landon. He was back at the race car track by himself looking happy and content unlike the others. His little head eventually popped up in front of everyone and he was happy to see me. His teacher said he had done great the entire day. She said she did not expect them to go sit down in their chairs when it was time but he was the one who did. Such a good boy.

We then walked over to get Madison, and she said she was so excited to see me because she had missed me. They both claimed to have a blast and on the way home I told them that I was proud of them. Madison said "No, Mommy, I'm proud of YOU!!" (Little did she know I was tearing up earlier before I even got out of the parking lot when I left them!)

Anyways I'm so happy they both had a good day and we are able to do a little preschool twice a week. It's not for long but they get to play with other kids and do fun stuff while learning. Time-wise, I would compare it to a general Mother's Morning Out program that a lot of churches do. I'll be using my time productively and getting things ready for Micah in the mean time :)

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