Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Haircut

Even though we let it go as long as possible, it was time for Landon to have another haircut. (When you can put your son's hair into a ponytail, you know you've let it grow too long!) 
Instead of doing the fancy kid's place that costs an arm and a leg, we went the cheap route with my coupon :) He did great sitting in Daddy's lap and didn't make a sound. Just a funny face or two.
All done. He was really enjoying his sucker.

Daddy got a much needed haircut too. Mommy just got some highlights earlier in the week.
Madison's hair did not need anything done, just growing! It was a "hair" week for us because we had some pictures made that weekend. Those are coming up in the next post! (If you haven't already seen them on facebook.)

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