Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Miss Thang

I figured I'd do a post for Madison since I don't do the monthly updates after the babies turn 2. Not so much what she's learned lately or what she's doing, because that increases so much every that day I'd be writing forever! Mainly her personality and just how wonderful she is. We are so blessed to have such wonderful, perfect babies.

My baby girl isn't looking so much like a baby anymore. So bittersweet, but she's turning into a beautiful little girl. Our prayer for her is that she become a godly young lady and that she comes to know Christ at an early age. I pray that Brad and I raise her the way God would have us raise her, and that she makes an impact on His kingdom. She certainly has the personality and determination to do whatever she wants. She has such a caring side to her also, and the compassion I see her show even at the early age of 3 amazes me. She is caring and extroverted like her Daddy, and I like to think she is like me in the fact that she is a deep thinker and is conscientious. She is absolutely the most fun to be around, to talk to, to get her opinions, snuggle with, and to take places, even shopping. She finds joy in everything (which we could all take a lesson from) and no one is a stranger to her. She is the most ticklish little girl ever and loves giving kisses and telling us "I love you" out of the blue. I cannot believe that God gave us this precious little gift, one we could never deserve. But we are thankful and blessed He chose us to take care of her while here on this earth.

 There are more pictures on facebook, these were just some of my favorites.

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