Monday, June 18, 2012


Just an update for those who don't know, we decided to name our baby boy Micah, which means "Who is like God?" We LOVE LOVE LOVE his name and it's been a winner with everyone else too! (not that it matters!) We are still working on a middle name, still throwing some around to see what we like and what sounds good. I'm just happy to have a name to call him instead of "him" or "baby boy." The kids know his name now too and love to give their baby brother Micah kisses :)

Here's the belly at 19 weeks. I'm praying this kid doesn't come out 10+ pounds. I'm already 6-8 pounds bigger at 19 weeks than I was in my previous 2 pregnancies at 19 weeks. And having some rough leg pain. Guess it's part of having 3 in 3 years...but I love it :)


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