Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's A....BOY!!!

We are pretty excited here in the Evans' home. Friday was our big 18 week ultrasound. Baby looked great, all was healthy and well and measuring about 3 days bigger. And the biggest news is that we are having another sweet baby boy! It was VERY obvious just like it was with Landon. No doubt about it. See?

(pretend you're watching him crawl-this is the lower half of his body-see legs and feet)
 View from the bottom.
 I think the ultrasound tech. took a really good, cute picture of his profile, but for some reason we didn't get it printed out. Boo. We got it all on video though. He sure looks cute already :)
 He was wiggling around a good bit, since we had to shake him up a little bit to turn over. He had been laying on his tummy scrunched in a little ball.
We are soooo excited about this new baby boy. I feel closer to him now knowing the gender. I love feeling his sweet little kicks and seeing his little hands and feet moving on the screen. Madison was sure it was a girl, because she already had a baby brother. She said it was going to be Rapunzel (what little girl wouldn't want Rapunzel for a sister?? I'm sure we all did at her age!) I was in shock myself, too. I think everyone was. We were all so sure it was a girl because all my symptoms matched up with my pregnancy with Madison, not Landon. And even my midwife got the same symptoms with her girl but not her boy. I think I was in shock all day Friday when we found out, and then I woke up Saturday all excited and ready to go through my baby name book! (We are still working on a name.) I am so happy because he and Landon should be close and be able to play and beat up on each other. Madison will be glad for that too, poor girl. I think she's getting tired of being beat up on by Landon. She's a tough one, though. It's also good that it's a boy since he'll be able to wear Landon's clothes since they're both born in the Fall. (well, September and November.) Oh and Daddy is happy that he doesn't have to repaint the nursery to pink. We painted it pink for Maddie, then painted blue over it for Landon, and now we don't have to paint anything for once! We are sooo excited and can't wait to meet this sweet baby boy. There's just something so sweet about boys and the way they are with their Mommies that makes me want to snuggle them all day. Landon still does that and I love it. And so does Maddie, she's my perfect little angel. She still has her claim to being the ONLY princess in the house!! She will always rule over those little brothers of hers, and they'll do a great job protecting her (and annoying her and her friends)   :)

And just for the fun of it and because I like polls, I'll be putting up a new one to guess this baby boy's weight. Make the blog more interesting. Madison was 6 lb. 7 oz. and Landon was 8 lb. 1 oz. So what will #3 weigh?

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Lila Curly said...

Thats beautiful!
Wish u all the best!

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