Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Day of Preschool

Madison had her last day of preschool Wednesday. It was sad but she had a great year. Parents and siblings were invited to go for the last hour. They jumped in a bounce house, had chalk, bubbles, and picnics with the families. We received a cute book of some of their projects they had done all year along with pictures the teachers took of them painting, learning, and playing on the playground. It had pictures from last August in it and I can't believe how much she has grown! It was amazing to look at.
We are really going to miss this class and her wonderful teachers. She truly had the BEST teachers there. They loved her so much and thankfully we will still get to see Mrs. Kelly at our church. Both Madison and Landon will start again in the Fall twice a week so I know they will love it. That means I will get about 8 hours a week to myself before baby #3 comes at least :)

We gave our wonderful teachers their gifts and Madison signed her name on the cards. She's gotten a whole lot better at that too.

 Mrs. Kelly
 Mrs. Jenny

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