Friday, May 18, 2012

Landon is 20 Months Old!

Landon, you turned 20 months old on Wednesday. You love to talk nonstop and have quite a loud voice. You can say most any word we teach you and do pretty well communicating to us. You get very excited about airplanes and cars and motorcycles. You love jumping, dancing, and singing. You love playing in water, sweeping, and vacuuming. You're a pretty good eater and typically eat more than your sister (which is not hard to do). You are somewhere around 24 pounds. You can also belch like a grown man. You are extremely athletic and look like you will be playing soccer and t-ball one day if you want. You get out there with Madison's soccer team and do better than most of the players dribbling the ball and kicking it hard! You can also throw a ball straight across the room. You get excited when you see a baby and yell "baby!" and know where Mommy's baby is in my tummy. You love to give sweet kisses and hugs. You are still a wonderful sleeper. You sleep just under 12 hours a night and still take 2 naps a day. Some days you only take 1 nap, but that's if it's later and you sleep about 3 hours sometimes :) You have "doggy", a stuffed animal you love and always need to sleep with. You are learning to take off your clothes, and I found you one morning naked in your crib. You had figured out how to unbutton and unzip your sleeper, but thankfully you had not taken off your diaper yet. You love to throw all your blankets and stuffed animals out of your crib too. It's a ritual you have.
You LOVE playing with you sister and harassing her as well. I usually hear her running away from you and screaming. You give her good hugs and snuggles though, too. You still test your boundaries and get in trouble a good bit, telling us "no" quite a bit, but you are doing much better at obeying us and saying "please" and "thanks." You get lots of boo-boo's still and require that I kiss them. I hear you say "uh-oh" way more often than I'd like but usually it's no big deal.

You are such a joy to be around and life would never be as fun without you! You are always smiling and waving, saying "Hey" to everyone, especially when you first wake up. No one is a stranger to you and you are as sweet as can be. We love you so much and can't believe you'll be 2 years old in only 4 months!! We love you, sweet little Landon!


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