Monday, May 28, 2012


Well I've been a terrible blogger lately, and I really have no excuse as to why. Just busyness and exhaustion, I guess. Ok, so those might be legitimate excuses. I guess I'll throw out a bunch of random pictures of our life lately as well.

Madison finished up soccer the same week she finished up preschool. It was a fun season and was pretty awesome to see how much she and her team as a whole improved since the beginning. She had a great time playing and was sad to stop. We promised her she could do something in the Fall. I think we are leaning towards dance since that seems to be what she did on the soccer field sometimes :) She is pretty excited. (She really just wants to wear a tutu and be a ballerina)
She had her awards ceremony where they called out everyone's names and got trophies.

Poor Landon barely made it through the whole ceremony. It was late and he missed a nap. This is how he felt about it:

Here Madison is as they introduced her team and walking with her boyfriend. Yes, she has a boyfriend everywhere she goes. Soccer, preschool, church, friends, etc.

She finished up with a little team party at Stevie B's as well. The kids had fun playing games with their tokens and eating pizza together. She of course sat next to her boyfriend. I don't have any pictures because I was too busy stuffing my pregnant self with pizza (gotta get your money's worth at a buffet). But they had fun and her coaches were awesome. Here she is with them:
Landon decided last week that he wanted to use the potty. He went both poopoo and peepee, (yes, TMI for some but parents understand) and I was so proud. He kept saying byebye to his poopoo and peepee after we flushed. Grandmommy was able to find him some Batman big boy underwear which we'll try soon. I'm not going to attempt to train him the way I did Madison until we have a week at home with nothing to do, which should be soon, here in June. Madison was 22 months old when she was trained both day and night, so we'll see how Landon does being only 20 months old right now. I always figured he'd be much later.

We we will be finding out if baby #3 is a girl or boy NEXT week!! Yes, next Friday is the big day! I'm so, so, so excited. If you haven't voted in the little poll to the right, you're running out of time! I can't wait til we know and we can NAME this poor baby. I'm tired of calling it "it" or "the baby" or "#3." I am teaching first graders in VBS all next week so hopefully that will make the week go by faster for me. I am already dying to know so I have to keep busy to keep my mind off of it. I feel like I'm a lot bigger at this point than I was with the first 2...I realize that happens the more kids you have, but goodness I feel about 20-something weeks instead of 16. Oh well, I love being pregnant and have been starting to feel little baby flutters and kicks over the last couple of weeks. My FAVORITE part!

OK, now for my iPhone photo dump, in random order:

The shopping queen in her sparkly high heels.

 Landon sometimes has a hard time waking up.
 but not too hard :)
 He was the world's cutest bunny rabbit for Easter.
 I didn't know the Easter bunny was a thief though, especially when big sisters are asleep downstairs. Guilty. Oh well, just water.
 This is what we call Madison's "crazy hair." It gets all wavy/curly in the humidity. Crazy because it can be so straight too. I definitely like dealing with the straight much better. It looks so short like this.
 As you can tell by the look on Landon's face, grocery shopping is not our favorite pastime. I'm sure my face matched his by this point, too.

 Playing on the choo-choo train after church. Every. Single. Time. 3 times a week. Of course they put the choo-choo right outside the nursery!
 We dine in style around our house. If you're not dressed like a princess at least 90% of the time, you're really missing out.
 Our $6 "Goofy Gecko" sprinkler has been a lifesaver for those long, hot days at home. Best 6 bucks I've ever spent.
 Landon wanted to wear a hat that no longer fit him. Of course I let him. It's off within 30 seconds anyways.
 Ready to impress the ladies at the pool.
We've already done a couple pool trips to keep our sanity. Here's the kiddos with Keegan (Kayson was close by). He's Madison's best boyfriend. I'm totally ok with that.
We went swimming at my grandparents' pool for Memorial day too. The water was cold but it was nice to relax while the kids played.

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