Monday, April 23, 2012


It's been awhile since I've updated, but you can see the latest updates below. I'm trying not to feel guilty about not updating. This blog is kind of like my virtual scrapbook of the kids but I'm trying to focus on more important things once they go down for naps/bedtime, which is usually when I record stuff. I've been sick for an entire week with some sort of allergies/cold stuff going on. It's tough trying to take care of the kids with a constant headache, stuffy nose, fatigue, no sense of smell or taste, and the fact that I shouldn't take any medicine being in my first trimester of pregnancy. The only thing about being a stay at home mom is you don't get a day off. Ever. I did read something that made me feel better though-the "average" stay at home mom puts in 95 hours of work a week and if paid, is valued at $113,000 a year. Ummm...where is my money??? Just kidding. I know, the job is priceless and I get paid in love. And the reward of being there for my kids and making sure I raise them and not someone else. But good grief there should be something, right?! Here's the article: What's a Mom Worth? I'm not sure how many kids this includes either.

Madison has had a few more soccer games. She loves it and finally has gotten to the point that she does not want to come out when they sub in. She spends a lot of the time going over to the kids who have fallen, and making sure they are ok. She helped up a little boy on her team and in return he started hugging on her like crazy. Daddy was standing on the sidelines going "OK, enough! Watch it!" haha. She also scored her first goal this weekend. Half of the time that goals are scored at this age, they are in the wrong goal. That is what Madison did. She finally kicked it in so we were proud anyways. A goal is a goal!

I had another check up for baby #3 recently. It was mainly checking on my health, some tests, a lot of blood taken, the usual stuff. We go back in May and should be able to hear the heartbeat again, starting the normal appointments. After that one, we'll go for the BIG ultrasound-making sure everything is ok and finding out the gender! I'm already so excited. We should be finding out probably around June 8.

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