Sunday, April 22, 2012

Landon is 19 Months Old!

Last week, Landon turned 19 months old!
Landon, your vocabulary has exploded over the last month (just like the dr. predicted!) You pretty much can say anything we say and amaze us every day with something new. You surprise us a lot, such as when we were about to say the blessing before eating, you put your hands together and started saying "God our Father" like Maddie does. I was once singing ABCDEFG and you blurted out "HIJK". It is getting easier to communicate with you now and I love seeing your little personality come out even more because of it. You know to go sit on the potty when we tell you to, or ask if you need to go. You love to sing and dance, requesting "Baby" a lot and sing along with it. You are still such a wild little mess and can cause trouble in no time. You love hanging out with your sister and give us all the sweetest hugs and kisses. You are starting to want to dress yourself, feed yourself, and buckle yourself in your carseat.

You're such a little cuddlebug and I enjoy our days that you just want to lay around snuggling with Mommy. I am definitely taking advantage while I can.
 You love to say "cheese"
I walk in to find you had taken off the sheet and mattress cover. You simply told me "it bwoke."
 Umm yes. You're still obsessed with vacuums, brooms, mops, etc.
 Bathtime=still your favorite thing
This video is not really all that recent but still shows your personality well.

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