Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a great Easter again this year. We celebrated Christ's resurrection with family and friends, and had a wonderful day at church as well.
We did our usual Easter routine and I was pretty proud of the cheap Easter outfits I got for the kids! Landon's shirt was a clearance Gymboree buy I got last year probably, for a few bucks. It looked "Eastery" so I saved it for that. Madison's dress was a gorgeous dress I had seen before, from the Children's Place. I found it at a consignment store in exactly her size for $8.99. I know, I get excited about little things. 
This was after naptime, which is why the kids look a little disheveled. And Landon showing off his cutie little toesies.
Pretty back!
The little charmer.
We had a few Easter egg hunts.

and opened Easter baskets.
and enjoyed them too.
Uncle Stephen and Aunt Rachel came into town for Easter.
Uncle Stephen treats each niece/nephew to the Lion King pose. We have a picture of Maddie like this too.
They brought their new sweet "baby" with them. Martel (The Hammer) is a Presa Canario (or Canary dog I think) and is sooo sweet. He should be a minimum of 100 pounds fully grown, and his daddy was over 200 pounds I believe. I can't imagine a dog double my size, but we sure do love big dogs! The kids had a great time and loved him too!

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