Monday, March 19, 2012


Our baby girl is THREE years old!!!
Sweet Maddie, today is your birthday! I can't believe how much you've grown the past 3 years. You have honestly been the easiest, sweetest, most beautiful, perfect little angel. You have such a fun, adventurous little personality and we never know what is going to come out of your mouth next. I can honestly count the number of "moments" or tantrums you've EVER had on one hand. You are my little buddy, companion, and best little girlfriend. I love to take you shopping because you love to exclaim "Oh mommy, that's sooo cute!" and give me your opinion on things. I love you to pieces, and I love it when you say that back to me. You love to hold my face and give me kisses all over and you show your love to Daddy and Landon so much too. You are so affectionate to everyone and love very hard and deeply. I know that God has some wonderful things in store for your life one day, because you are such a passionate person. You excel in everything you do and are the sweetest, most thoughtful little girl. You reach out to others even when no one else does. That's big for a 3 year old. You are not shy in the least, unless you've just woken up. No one is a stranger to you, and you have a very loving, big family and a huge church family that all know and love you.

Your favorite things include Disney princesses, soccer, bikes, coloring/painting/crafting, baby dolls, anything pretend or imaginary, castles, tents, playing outside, chalk, playing games, bubbles, princess movies, Dora, Diego, Super Why, Team Umizoomi, Mickey Mouse, dress-up, beauty shop, clothes, playing games on Mommy's phone, climbing trees, shopping, sweets, coke, chocolate milk, apple juice, popsicles, other people's food, M&M's, candy, reading books, preschool, playing doctor, singing, dancing, cleaning, going out to eat, Taco Bell, anything pink, dresses, "Flute" Loops, Audrey, birthdays, and pancakes. And probably a million more things I can't think of right now.

You don't have your 3 year check up until next week but I'm pretty sure you are pushing 28 pounds (little petite girl!) and are around 3 feet tall or a little bit taller. You are so excited to be starting soccer tomorrow also! You love to play and kick the ball and are pretty stinkin' good at it! You are #3 on team #3! We are so excited for you and I know you will grow through that. You work so well with others, are doing great with sharing, and you get to let off some energy too!

Because you're so special, you got to have 3 parties for being 3! OK, it just worked out that way. Friday night you had your big party with family and your friends at home. You loved having your friends over, especially Audrey, and you were so hyper. You had a Disney princess party then and on Saturday as well with more family. On Monday, you had your preschool party where Mommy brought in cupcakes for everyone. You were so excited in your classroom!

Your big presents were a bike and a tent and you love them!

 Inseparable best friends at her pizza party.

 Seeing her bike wheeled in for the first time.

Thank you for the bike, Grandmommy and Lito!
 Another princess party! Thank you Grandma and Granddaddy for letting us party at your house!
 The kids had a blast on the jumpy thing!


Preschool party on the actual birthday!

On your birthday, we went out to eat at Ruby Tuesday and Grandmommy and Lito met us there. You had been begging to wear your new Belle dress so you got to go out in Princess-style. They brought you a yummy red velvet cupcake which Landon (and Mommy) helped you eat.
Overall, 3rd birthday celebrations were a success. We are so in love with this girl!! Happy birthday, sweet princess!!

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