Monday, March 26, 2012

Madison's First Dentist Appointment

Madison had her very first dental cleaning today since she is now 3. I knew she would do great, because that is just her personality, but I talked it up a bit anyways to make sure she understood everything. We discussed how they would clean her teeth so she would have that beautiful princess smile. Her only request was that she did not want to lay back in the chair, she would rather sit up. I actually heard her tell them that when she went back, haha. They had a big room of chairs lined up with tv's on the wall and pretty murals all over the place. Landon and I sat in the waiting room while he played with the toy tables and then decided to rearrange the furniture (and flip over a table). He is so into that destructive stage. Luckily it wasn't very crowded. They also had a computer room for kids to play games on but we stayed away from that :)

They called me back when she was all done and I found her picking out her treats to go in her goody bag. She got a cool tshirt, new pink and purple toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, and the things she picked out. She was dying to get her floss out (weird kid!). She also got her picture taken since it was her very first visit and got to take that home. These pediatric dentists are GOOD! They said she did awesome obeying directions and had no cavities. She told me that the toothpaste they used on her "shmelled like vanilla, but was pink." She was into the little kid door they had, about half the size of a regular one. She was so excited and said she had fun. I actually had a hard time getting her out of there because she wanted to stay.
Getting into her floss
 The picture they took there
Here's a link to some pictures of the cool! Rossitch Pediatric Dentistry
I'm so proud of her and how well she did. She's such a good girl. She has her 3 year checkup later this week which I'll update with some stats.


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Ed said...

It's good to see that she has the initiative to take good care of her teeth without anyone reminding her about it. The fact that she's very calm and obedient on her first dental visit only means that she’s very much ready for dental procedures in the future. You're very proud of her, and she is proud of you too. Kudos! :)

[Ed Hochhalter]

Landon said...

Aww, before anything else, that cover photo of your kids is so adorable! Hehe. Also, Madison is such a sweet girl! She managed to go through her first-ever dental appointment perfectly. She was very behaved, and she’s got no cavities! You did great in taking care of your children’s teeth. ;)

- Landon Heath

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